Achieve Straight Teeth With Traditional Metal Braces in Greenville

There is no other orthodontic treatment quite like braces. If you or your child are dealing with complex alignment issues, you can achieve fantastic results with traditional metal braces in Greenville. In addition to the benefits of straightening crooked teeth, braces will help you:

  • Improve your oral hygiene with teeth that are easier to clean
  • Experience a boost in confidence about improving your smile
  • Correct multiple alignment issues in your mouth
  • Gain a better-looking smile
  • Reduce TMJ disorder discomfort by fixing alignment issues

Find out how braces can help you or your child by calling 618-668-2655 today.

Fix Multiple Flaws in Your Smile With Standard Braces

Braces tend to be a rite of passage for children. However, it’s becoming more common for adults to need metal braces to fix their alignment problems. In fact, one out of four adults wears braces. So you certainly are not alone! Whether it’s you or your child, braces can help a multitude of complex issues. They can:

  • Correct overbites, crossbites, and underbites
  • Address overcrowding issues
  • Correct a misaligned bite
  • Close any gaps between your teeth

Your dentist will work with you to determine if this more traditional path is the best option for you or if you could pursue Invisalign treatment instead. While braces may take several years to complete treatment, you or your child will love the way your smile looks when it’s complete. Best of all, you won’t have to visit an outside specialist to pursue this kind of orthodontics. We’ll help you right here.

If you are concerned about costs, we offer financing options to help you afford your care. If you or your child are ready to address your alignment issues with traditional metal braces in Greenville, call 618-668-2655 today. We offer early morning and late evening hours twice a week for more flexible scheduling.