Dental Emergencies
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Keep Your Smile Thriving With Your Emergency Dentist in Greenville

When you are dealing with a dental emergency, your first priority is to stop your discomfort as soon as possible. As your emergency dentist in Greenville, we’ll see you on the same day whenever possible in order to restore your oral health and put an end to your pain. By relying on our compassionate team, you can:

  • Avoid more extensive problems by treating issues right away
  • Schedule early morning or late evening visits twice a week
  • Feel at ease with sedation while we repair your smile
  • Stop your pain so you can get back to your life
  • Address any underlying oral health issues

Call us today at 618-668-2655 for your urgent dental needs. Our office is located near Interstate 70 by FNB Community Bank and Buchheit of Greenville.

Trust Our Dental Team to Renew Your Oral Health

Emergencies can happen at every age. Whether you’ve knocked out a tooth or you are dealing with an infection, the last thing you want to do is ignore your pain. The Greenville Family Dentistry dental team has handled just about every dental emergency imaginable. So we’re well equipped to get you feeling better in a hurry. Depending on the state of your smile, we may recommend:

  • Tooth Fillings – If a cavity is causing you pain or you have chipped a tooth, we can repair the damage with natural-colored tooth fillings.
  • Gum Disease Treatment – Sometimes it’s your gums that are giving you problems. If you are dealing with periodontal disease, we’ll eliminate the infection and restore the health of your gums.
  • Root Canal Treatment We’ll treat an infection in your tooth with a root canal. It may sound scary, but this procedure stops your discomfort and helps you avoid extractions.
  • Tooth Removal – We try to save your tooth whenever possible, but sometimes an extraction is necessary to stop harm from coming to the rest of your teeth. We can replace your extracted tooth with a lifelike restoration that you can pair with an implant for a stronger smile.
  • Dental Crowns and BridgesA dental crown can repair or replace a tooth and a bridge can replace several missing teeth in a row. These restorations will blend in with the rest of your teeth and give you back a fully functional grin.

Whatever your needs are when you come in, there’s no reason to be nervous. We can offer you dental sedation through safe and gentle laughing gas. You’ll feel completely at ease so it’s easier to get the treatment your smile needs. Plus, our private operatories are stocked with comforts like cozy blankets.

Get help in a hurry by calling your emergency dentist in Greenville at 618-668-2655. For less urgent matters, you can also request an appointment online.

Remember, the best way to avoid a dental emergency is by preventing them. We encourage you to sign up for our membership plan if you don’t have insurance. You’ll receive coverage on cleanings and exams along with discounts on other services.

Common Questions About Dental Emergencies

Can you help with my dental emergency?

Over many years of dental practice, we have helped countless patients with their dental emergencies. You can rest confidently in our skills and expertise to help make your smile right. Our top-notch dental team delivers compassionate and gentle care and will make sure you receive the best treatment possible during your dental crisis.

What if I have a dental emergency without insurance?

Just because you don’t have dental insurance doesn’t mean you shouldn’t receive the same level of care as someone who does. We’ll happily treat your dental emergency, and we provide several payment options to take care of the cost, including third-party financing through CareCredit and Sunbit. We’ll do our best to make sure you get the care you need.

What are common dental emergencies?

There are few emergencies your dentist hasn’t seen in their years of practice. Some are certainly more common than others. Emergencies that we see often include toothaches caused by a cavity or an infection, cracked teeth, broken teeth, and broken dental restorations. In most cases, we’re able to resolve all these situations with restorative dentistry.

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