The New Year is a great time to make resolutions – especially ones that relate to getting healthier. That’s why so many of us get a gym membership or start a diet. As your dentists, we’d love to help you get a healthy smile in 2023. Improving your dental health benefits your overall health too!

If you need to make an appointment to visit our office, call us now at 618-668-2655. In the meantime, check out our suggestions for improving your oral health:

  • Straighten Crooked Teeth – If your smile is crooked, you are probably self-conscious about it and would love to straighten your teeth. Doing so will improve your appearance – but also your oral health. Crooked teeth cause problems with bite alignment, and they can make it tough to keep your teeth clean. Unlike most general dentists, our office offers a choice of Invisalign or regular metal braces. Invisalign is especially popular among adults, since it’s a practically invisible alternative to braces. 
  • Get Regular Exams and Cleanings – To ensure a healthy smile, you should see us every six months for a cleaning and exam. We remove disease-causing bacteria and built-up plaque from your teeth. We also use exams to find issues like cavities in their earliest stages so they are simple and inexpensive to treat. If finances are a barrier to these services, join our membership club. You’ll pay a low monthly fee that covers the cost of these services and offers discounts on other treatments too. 
  • Replace Missing Teeth – If you’ve lost teeth, your self-image has probably taken a hit. But in addition to creating unsightly gaps in smiles, missing teeth affect your oral health – and your overall health too. Your surrounding teeth can shift out of place, causing problems with your bite. And you may have problems chewing foods, including healthy ones like fresh vegetables and fruit. At our office, you have many options for replacing missing teeth, including dental implants. You can replace any number of teeth with implants. Unlike other kinds of replacement teeth, they’ll keep you from losing bone mass in your jaw. 
  • Stop Smoking – This habit is bad for you. Full stop. It is obviously linked to many serious diseases, including lung cancer. It makes you more vulnerable to dental problems like dry mouth and gum disease too. Smokers also heal more slowly, which means it will take you more time to recover from medical or dental procedures. Do yourself a favor and make 2023 the year you quit smoking. 
  • Treat Your TMJ Disorder – If you’ve got a TMJ disorder, you are suffering from jaw pain, headaches, and other unpleasant symptoms. You’re also at risk for damaging your smile if you grind your teeth (a habit often linked to TMJ troubles). Let us help you get out of pain with a custom-made mouthguard you’ll wear at night. The mouthguard relieves tension on your jaw joints so they can heal and also prevents you from grinding. 

Ready to get going on a healthy smile in Greenville, IL? Call us at 618-668-2655 today.