There’s a reason dentures have been around since the late 1700s. They do a good job of restoring oral function. That said, they don’t work as well as natural teeth. If you have dentures, you’ve probably had to give up some favorite foods. Getting implants with your dentures offers you a smile that is far more like the one you had before losing teeth. 

Using dental implants to anchor your replacement teeth in your mouth offers many advantages you just can’t get from conventional dentures. To see if you’re a candidate for implant dentures, call Greenville Family Dentistry today at 618-668-2655.

Unlike some practices, we perform both parts of your implant procedure: placing implants and then attaching your new teeth to them. So there’s no need to visit another office for any part of your treatment. 

Check out some of the biggest benefits of dental implant dentures:

  • No Loose Dentures – If you’ve worn dentures for a while, the fit has probably gotten looser over time. Without tooth roots to stimulate your jaw, the bone shrinks. This affects how your teeth fit. Implants provide the same kind of stimulation as your roots do. This keeps your bone strong. In addition to maintaining a snug fit for your dentures, a full jaw keeps your face looking younger. 
  • More Confidence in Your Teeth – When dentures aren’t attached to dental implants, you probably use adhesive to keep them in place. But even then, they can slip and shift. Implant dentures aren’t going anywhere. So you won’t be embarrassed by loose teeth. Plus, you can get rid of your denture adhesive! 
  • Excellent Chewing Ability – The firm fit of implant dentures gives you much better chewing ability than you can get from conventional dentures. You’ll be able to eat pretty much anything you want, even foods like corn-on-the-cob. 
  • No Sore Spots – With dental implants, you won’t have any uncomfortable friction with your dentures. Implant dentures are so comfortable, most people forget they are even wearing them. 
  • Simple Maintenance – Some kinds of implant dentures can be removed for cleaning, much like conventional dentures. Others are designed to stay in place. With the second kind, you just brush and floss your teeth to keep them clean. Your dentist can remove them if extra cleaning or maintenance is required. 

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